• Install the program on PC, iOS and Android devices, and connect all devices to the same network.

  • Use the program to Upload photos, videos and music files from your device to PC or download photos, videos and music files from PC to your handsets.

  • View shared files.


AirShareUp is a zero-cost family file sharing service. It utilizes Wi-Fi to perform video, music and photo sharing and transferring services for Android, iOS devices and PC. The Auto-backup feature allows users to back up their videos and photos and iOS devices to PC manually and automatically. Not only local files but also videos and photos in your iCloud Photo Library can be shared and backed up with this wireless file sharing app.

Share Files with Friends and Family Instantly

This cross-platform data sharing app allows you to share your videos, music and photos on your iPhone and in iCloud Photo Library among iOS, Android devices and PC via your Wi-Fi network.

Play videos and music and view photos within the app

AirShareUp is also a powerful media player which allows you to play videos and music and view pictures in different formats online or on your phone.

Back up your data and free up space on your device

When you upload your files on your iPhone to the server, you are at the same time backing them up to a safe location. There's also the auto-backup feature to help you back up your photos and videos to the server automatically when connected to the server.


A free and powerful family media sharing program that utilizes Wi-Fi to allow sharing and backup of videos, photos and music.

Supports Videos, Music and Photos in Various Formats.

Leawo AirShareUp supports sharing videos in MOV, WMV, MP4, AVI, FLV, 3GP, AVS and RMVB formats, music in MP3, AIF, WAV and M4A formats and photos in JPG,PNG,BMP and TIF formats. And all the supported files can be played and viewed within the app.

Wi-Fi Network Applied for Data Transfer

The whole data sharing process is based on Wi-Fi network. As long as you have a solid Wi-Fi network, the file sharing and downloading experience will be fast and smooth.

Cross-platform data transfer experience.

The sharing experience is not limited to Android and iOS devices. Shared files will be instantly uploaded to the server and accessible from PC, Android and iOS devices. All devices connected to the same server, including the PC that’s currently being used as the server, can share data with and download shared files from other devices.

High efficiency file management

This family sharing app also allows batch processing of the files on your iPhone. It's easy to get your files organized no matter how many files you have as you can upload,download and delete multiple files at the same time.



   3.5 star

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